June 21st, 2020
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“It uses this power to meet its old friends and make new ones across the globe. We felt this narrative could help us introduce our buildings to a much younger audience during the lockdown”

A daily piece of positive news
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Superne.ws was initiated by Playtype as the Corona outbreak was gathering momentum globally. As a result of the epidemic, daily life for many of us has been upended, and retrospectively worry-free times has been pushed aside, by what at times can feel like a grim and dystopian reality.

Fortunately, despite the current state, there are uplifting, and positive stories surfacing – people showing amazing acts of solidarity, kindness, creativity and a sense of global cohesion, even though we are physically apart.

With superne.ws we do not wish to belittle the situation nor take lightly the impact that Corona has had on individuals and communities worldwide, but highlight and share some of the positive stories and developments surfacing around the globe.

Take care, follow the regional health guidelines and stay positive.